Campshops at IAIS are the way summer should be! We believe that learning is fun and develop our summer programs to teach campers about various American Indian cultures through exciting activities, crafts and stories. We make full use of our land with hikes, tracking excursions, water play and outdoor games. Our Counselors are capable and caring individuals with a broad range of knowledge: art; woodland survival skills; music; herbology; drama; the list goes on! Our dedicated and experienced Counselors are the key to making our camps a success every year.

IAIS is changing things up this year for our summer programs. This year we will be offering IAIS Camp-shops.

Week One- Survival Week (July 14th , 15th , 16th ) What happens if you get lost in the woods? During this week our educators will be teaching about the best way to stay calm and find your way around our trails at IAIS. Sessions include; safety skills, shelter building, fire safety, and more.
Week Two- Native Arts and Crafts Introduction (July 21st, 22nd , 23rd ) There are many arts and crafts made by Native Americans and during this introduction week our educators will explain the history behind some of the arts, and teach our groups how to create their own crafts. Sessions will include sewing skills, storytelling, and painting.
Week Three- River Study Week (July 28th, 29th, 30th) What creatures live in our rivers in Connecticut? How can you catch them? And how can you protect our waterways? All this and more will be discussed during our river study week. The week will start with a look at what lives in the Shepaug River and will round out the week with miniature boat making.
Week Four- Native Arts and Crafts Week 2 (August 4th, 5th ,6th) There are just too many interesting and fun craft project to try, so we added another week of Native Arts and crafts. In addition to learning the history behind the project, our educators will help our groups to make their own crafts to take home including basket work, beading, and rattle making.
Week Five- Outdoor Skills Week- (August 11th, 12th, 13th) Our final Camp-shop week is full of exciting sessions! What animals live out in the woods? Can you track them? How do you make a bow and arrow? And using all your skills from previous weeks, and can you master the Camp-shop scavenger hunt?  Our educators will teach the groups about animals living in the woodlands of the Northeast, archery skills, and have a fun day of games and puzzles in our scavenger hunt day.

*Programs are based on enrollment. Some sessions may be canceled if enrollment does not meet minimum numbers.

Camp-Shop Pricing
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Just a few of the exciting activities in store for Campers at IAIS... Just a few of the exciting activities in store for Campers at IAIS... Just a few of the exciting activities in store for Campers at IAIS...