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Scout Day 2015 will be October 10th from 10 am to 3 pm. Please call to reserve your spot, space is limited.

IAIS wants to help your Scouts achieve their Indian Lore Merit Badges! November is National Native American Heritage Month and, every year, we host Scout Day to provide Boy and Girl Scouts with a memorable and exciting day learning about the history and culture of the Algonkian peoples of the Northeast. Whether your Scouts are going for their Badges or are just looking for a great day, IAIS is the place!

The atl atl

Our Scout Day program is specifically designed to address the BSA Indian Lore Badge Requirements and consists of the following:

Scouts in a freshly-made debris hut
  • Native American Games: Scouts will learn and play traditional games of the Algonkian and neighboring Iroquois peoples such as Hoop-And-Pole and Sneak-Up. Other games such as Lacrosse, The Moccasin Game and The Sacred Bowl Game will also be discussed. (Requirement 3a)
  • Hunting Through The Ages: Traditional methods of hunting will be discussed and Scouts will get to try their hand at the bow-and-arrow. (Requirement 3c)
  • The atl atl & the bow

    As you can see, just by participating in our Scout Day program, Scouts can complete their Indian Lore Badge requirements, so come and spend the day with us! Call (860)868-0518 today to reserve space for your group. See you there!

    $20.00 per Scout (adults will be charged $8.00 museum admission)
    Saturday, October 10, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
    including half-hour lunch break

    Registration it is on a first call/first served basis. While we will do our best, we can not guarantee space for walk-ins. Programming dependent on enrollment and and subject to change based on current BSA requirements.