Internship Opportunities

Experience & Expectations:
Interns accepted into the IAIS Internship Program will be given a professional and engaging experience to work under the direct super vision of museum staff. All work and performance will be reviewed by supervising staff with feedback and guidance provided to the Intern. An internship at IAIS is a unique and excellent short-term opportunity for those interested in gaining experience and contacts within the professional museum, archaeological, and Native American communities.
Interns are expected to work with staff to develop and complete a personalized project within listed opportunities, summarize their findings, and turn in the final summery of their experience in at the end of their time at the IAIS. Presenting any work completed during the internship at outside conferences, with approval from the IAIS Collections Committee and/or the Executive Director, is encouraged.

Internship Program Options
Scheduling will be determined by mutual agreement by both the IAIS staff and the intern.

Application & Eligibility
Applicants must be currently enrolled in a college or high school program. Internship applicants must submit a copy of their CV or resume as well as their responses to the Internship Questions. If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program IAIS would still like you to be involved, please visit the volunteer opportunities section of our webpage.

Apply now, or mailed copies can be sent to:

The Institute for American Indian Studies PO Box 1260, Washington, CT 06793

or via email at [email protected].

Available Internships

Digital Archives:
The Digital Archives Intern will work with IAIS staff to identify, catalogue, organize, rehouse, digitize, and summarize the IAIS archaeological collections. Interns will be assigned a collection and supervised by both IAIS Laboratory Staff and the Director of Research and Collections. Interns will be trained on PastPerfect Museum Software as well as artifact identification. This internship is intended for students who are looking for experience, or wish to pursue a career in museum studies, archaeology, or archives. Interns will be expected to submit a paper summarizing their experience and overall understanding of the collection they were assigned.

Ethnographic Collections:
The Ethnographic Collections Intern will work with the IAIS staff to photograph, research and summarize objects from IAIS’ Ethnographic collection for dissemination on the IAIS website. Interns will utilize existing information regarding objects along with additional research to be of the highest standards. Students looking to gain experience in writing for the public (Website, exhibition, and pamphlet materials) in cultural, historical, or archival settings are encouraged to apply. Interns will be instructed in the use of PastPerfect 5 Museum Software and Past Perfect Online.

Intern must demonstrate a deep respect for Native American culture and material items as well as discretion. The intern will also be expected to assist with the cataloguing and researching of incoming collections.

Public Relations & Social Media Intern:
The Public Intern will assist IAIS staff with drafting, editing, and publishing material for dissemination through IAIS’ social media, blogs, pamphlets, and other forms of media. Students interested in pursuing a career in publishing or social media management. While the intern will be trained in updating, managing, and posting to the IAIS website, experience is using web based platforms such as WordPress, and Blogger is preferred.

Digging into the Past Internship:
The Digging into the Past Intern will assist in updating, organizing and developing content for IAIS’ archaeological website, Digging into the past Interns will be instructed in use of the website platform and will given materials to be summarized for dissemination to the public. Intern will work with experts in the field along with fellow interns to develop materials for the website. Knowledge of the WordPress platform preferred but not required.

Ethnobotanical Collection:
Interns will assist in the continuing cataloging of IAIS’ extensive ethnobotanical collection, ensuring that each specimen is properly identified with all appropriate information and correctly preserved. All of the specimens will entered into the PastPerfect Museum Software for easy, digital access. Interns will be instructed in how to properly use the PP5 Software. Applicants should possess strong organizational skills, excellent writing skills, an avid interest in botany, and an ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

Comparative Chert Collection:
The Comparative Collections Intern will organize and in some cases perform thin section analysis of IAIS’ comparative chert collection. The chert samples represent a variety of material from across the Northeast and New York state. Knowledge of lithic materials, formation, and analysis is required. This internship is intended for students studying and interested in geology are encouraged to apply.