Director's Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS). IAIS is a museum for the study of the rich cultural diversity of the Indian people who have always lived in North America and who are still here today. Native contributions, struggles and stories are part of America's past, present and future.

IAIS is a place to hear the voices of Native Americans; Native people have guided IAIS since its beginning, sharing their heritage as advisors, staff and trustees. Our primary focus is on the Algonkian peoples who make up the Northeast's many native groups, but our programs also involve Native American groups from across the continent. We share this world with the public through our research, education programs, exhibits and special events.

Our education programs and special events are for students, teachers and the general public. We use storytelling, music, archaeology, history and nature to engage and inform people. Schools and visitors from all over Connecticut, across the country and around the world have come to IAIS to participate in our wide range of programs. If you're not among them yet, I hope we see you soon. Until then, have a look around the website and I hope you find something that interests and enlightens!

Elizabeth McCormick
Executive Director