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Annual Events

Maple Sugaring Festival
For centuries, maple syrup and sugar were used as sweeteners and flavorings in countless traditional Native American dishes. Every March, when the days are warm but the nights are still cold, IAIS holds its annual Maple Sugaring Festival. Learn how local Native Americans traditionally made maple syrup by stone-boiling collected sap. Primitive Technologist Jim Dina demonstrates these techniques while discussing the importance of maple sugar to Native American culture. The Maple Sugaring Festival also features fresh-made, hot pancakes with local maple syrup!

Green Corn Festival
For over a thousand years corn has been an integral part of the annual cycle of life for Native American Peoples. Every year in August, IAIS invites visitors to celebrate the first corn of the season with our annual Green Corn Festival. Fun-filled activities for the whole family abound, with kids' crafts, traditional Native American foods, storytelling, dancing and drumming.

From the Earth and the Sea: Clambake & Drumming Fundraiser
Every September, IAIS closes out the summer months with our grand indigenous feast. Savor lobster, clams, corn and potatoes while enjoying live music and dancing performed by the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers. Bring your own beverages, drums and dancing shoes—participation is encouraged! Pre-registration is required for this event.

Archaeology Roundtable
Held every year in autumn, the Archaeology Roundtable brings together prominent figures and leaders from the Native American Community, as well as respected archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians for engaging presentations and discussion. Each year IAIS selects a new and dynamic discussion topic. Previous years include Dutch-Indigenous relations, early human settlement in the Northeast and stone cultural features. Audience participation is encouraged.

Veterans Day
Each year for Veterans Day, IAIS honors a local Native American who has served in the United States military. Throughout history Native Americans have served their country with the highest record of service per capita when compared to any other ethnic group. During a traditional ceremony in our outdoor village, visitors and guests join in remembering all veterans, Native and non-Native, who have served our country with courage and pride.

Indian Market
Every year, throughout the month of December, IAIS hosts local Native American crafters, jewelers and artists at our annual Indian Market. Visitors are able to take advantage of this opportunity to meet and buy directly from the artists, while learning about contemporary Native American art and cultures.