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Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Indian Lore Merit Badge Program: Boy Scouts will engage with diverse Native American ways of life past and present, while earning requirements toward the Indian Lore Merit Badge in this two-and-a-half-hour program. Get a glimpse into the world of pre-contact Native Americans in our replicated 16th century Algonkian Village and indoor Sachem’s house, furnished and containing replicated garden tools, artifacts, everyday tools and technology, everything you would need to survive in the woodlands. Practice survival skills vital for daily life in the Eastern Woodlands and try your hand at shelter building. Add a craft to bring home a memory made with your own hands!

Boy Scout Archaeology Program:Boy Scouts will dig into the past as they earn requirements toward the archaeology merit badge in this hands-on, four-hour archaeology program. From point typology to experimental archaeology, as well as through careful consideration of evidence and attention to detail, Scouts will practice the skills and tools that archaeologists use to unravel the mysteries of the past, in order to interpret the diverse ways people survived and thrived. Get your hands dirty and participate in a mock excavation! Due to weather restrictions for this activity, excavations will only occur between the months of March and November.

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