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Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts Program: Cub Scouts will explore the lives of Native Americans living in the Eastern Woodlands 1,000 years ago. Our replicated 16th Century Algonkian village and indoor Sachem’s house allow the Scouts to learn what life was like in a village 500 years ago while imagining they are actually there. Also included in this hands-on, two-hour program is the opportunity to learn about survival skills practiced for thousands of years and why they are so effective. Check out our craft add-ons and give your scouts a chance to bring home a memory made with their own hands.

Cub Scout Archaeology Program: Cub Scouts will piece together the puzzles of the past with this interactive, three-hour archaeology program. By exploring stratigraphy and through careful consideration of clues and attention to detail, Scouts will practice skills archaeologists use to understand the diverse ways people survived and thrived in the past. Get your hands dirty and participate in a mock excavation! Due to weather restrictions for this activity, excavations will only occur between the months of March and November. (Appropriate for Scouts age 8 and up).

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