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Girl Scouts

Brownie Senses Badge Program: Brownies can engage their sense of sight, sound, touch, and smell during this sensational, one-and-a-half-hour program. See what you can spot in our indoor Sachem’s longhouse furnished with replicated Eastern Woodlands artifacts and a mural depicting life thousands of years ago. Listen to the world around you in our outdoor replicated Algonkian village. Explore textures and scents with an interactive guessing game. For an added experience, and to complete more portions of the journey, leaders can bring along a treat for a tasty snack activity. If choosing this option, please let us know in advance of any allergies and what you plan to bring.

Girl Scout Program: Girl Scouts will explore the lives of Native Americans, past and present in this engaging, hands-on, two-hour program. Get a glimpse into the world of pre-contact Native Americans in our replicated 16th century Algonkian village and indoor sachem’s house, which is furnished with replicated garden tools, a canoe, cradleboard and other everyday tools. Scouts will have the opportunity to learn survival skills vital to life in the Eastern Woodlands. Learn about the diverse cultures that still thrive today. Add a craft and give your scouts a chance to bring home a memory made with their own hands.

Girl Scout Archaeology Program: Girl Scouts will dig into the past with this interactive, hands-on archaeology program. Throughout this four-hour program, Scouts will learn about the techniques archaeologists use, such as point typology, experimental archaeology and careful consideration of clues, in order to unravel the mysteries of the past and interpret the diverse ways people survived and thrived thousands of years ago. Get your hands dirty and participate in a mock excavation! Due to weather restrictions for this activity, excavations will only occur between the months of March and November. (Appropriate for Scouts age 8 and up).

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