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About Wigwam Escape

Washington’s Native American Museum, the Institute for American Indian Studies, is opening a new escape room, Wigwam Escape, and invites players to experience how native people lived in these local woodlands for thousands of years before European contact. In this themed puzzle challenge, participants will live for a day in the year 1518, using collective knowledge and teamwork to overcome the challenges necessary to thrive.

In Wigwam Escape, it’s the year 1518 and you, the game player, find yourself in a Native American village in the woodlands of Connecticut. You’ve gotten word that an illness is affecting a neighboring fishing village of Metachiwon and they’re asking for help.

It’s up to you to figure out how to gather and prepare your supplies. It’s seven miles to Metachiwon, so you need to act quickly. You have one day (roughly one hour game time) to hunt, gather, and cook while exploring the village and surrounding forest. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Connecticut’s Native people while learning more about the skills they relied on in their day to day lives.

The museum’s mission is to “preserve and educate through discovery and creativity the diverse traditions, vitality and knowledge of Native American cultures”. Wigwam Escape is an extension of this mission. The goal is to educate the public about pre-contact natives through an interactive, stimulating and captivating experience. IAIS is very excited to share a new way to experience history through a series of custom puzzles and hand crafted sets, complete with a full sized traditionally sourced wigwam.

The full experience is 90 minutes in the museum’s Research Center. This includes a pre- game orientation, the one hour puzzle centerpiece, and post-game popcorn snack and discussion when your team returns to the 21st Century. The game is set for 3 to 7 players and the cost is $25 per person, or $20 for our museum members.

More than just a game, Wigwam Escape is built to teach through experience and foster dialogue about the ways native peoples lived 500 years ago in a game that's dynamic, challenging and entertaining.

Visit IAIS this fall for this must-do teambuilding experience for friends, families and co-workers.