Emerging Native Artist Program & Scholarship

The IAIS Emerging Native Artist Program actively supports Native voices through providing opportunities such as features in museum exhibits & public programs. To further support emerging artists, IAIS is thrilled to announce the addition of the Emerging Artist Scholarship, which provides a cash fund for Native artists across New England and New York.


Antoinette Thompson (Diné Artist) during her opening of “A Native Traveling in the City” at IAIS

The Emgering Artist Program

Here at IAIS, we are only a bridge; we support all who wish to share their voices within the context or our larger community both physically and digitally. Through EAP, artists of all mediums will be given the opportunity to bring their talents to Northwestern Connecticut, whether virtually or in-person. Funds in this program go directly to the costs involved in building exhibits, supporting the artists in transport or in-person costs, and the yearly scholarship. As our funding for the program grows, our ability to expand the number of artists, through exhibits or the scholarships expand. Our goal is to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with Native American artists, and to offer opportunities for all of our communities to engage in more impactful ways. We are only one drop of rain, but every drop feeds the river and fills the ocean.

Emerging Artist Scholarship Program

The IAIS Emerging Artist Scholarship is open to undergraduate Native American students from New England & New York State who are seeking a first Bachelor’s in Studio Arts, Performing Art, Creative Writing, and Cinematic Arts.  The application includes presenting an original piece of art, which the sender gives IAIS the right to use in social media marketing. The winner of the scholarship will receive $1,500 and an opportunity to work on an exhibit or public performance/presentation of their work at a specified time from the following spring or later. The recipient will also work on an original piece for the use of IAIS to use in marketing and financial support of the Emerging artist program, this can be the work used for their application or a work designed especially for IAIS. IAIS is a 501C 3 non-profit and all proceeds for any marketing or sale of any items from said artwork will go back into supporting the Emerging Artist program, ensuring future opportunities for the community.


  • Enrolled in or will enroll as a matriculated student in an accredited university, college, or conservatory within the United States.
  • Undergraduate student with no more than 150-semester credits or 210 quarter credits (First bachelor’s degree only)
  • Open to Full-time or part-time status
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 must be established and maintained after the first semester/quarter of college
  • Completed Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Essay; Tell us about yourself (For example something special about where you grew up, experiences with your tribe or how it has influenced you, what your family is like, the challenges you’ve had to overcome to get your education, etc.), tell us about your art and your goals, and answer this prompt; “What is your experience with museums or cultural heritage sites? What role can museums or cultural heritage sites play in making a better future for Native American communities?”
  • Art; Include one original work with description or explanation if necessary.
Incomplete applications will not be processed

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