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The Institute for American Indian Studies’ Education Department welcomes you to our teacher resources page where you can check out a range of activities, websites, and other information. Many of the activities are aligned with Common Core Standards and are intended for various grade levels. Please feel free to modify the activities to fit your situation. Questions or comments can be directed to [email protected]. Thank you for the important role you play in our communities!


A series of articles written by IAIS Director of Research & Collections, Lucianne Lavin, Ph.D. on various topics. Click on a title to read the full article.

Preserve Booklets

State Archaeological Preserves were established in 2000 by the Connecticut Legislature as a mechanism to protect significant archaeological sites. Preserves recognize both the educational and cultural value, as well as the fragile nature, of archaeological resources and Connecticut law provides significant penalties for vandalism and the unlawful collecting of archaeological remains from State Archaeological Preserves. The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism is empowered to designate archaeological sites on the National and/or State Register of Historic Places as Preserves. Whenever a Preserve is designated, a Preserve Booklet is created and released in order to inform the public about the nature and archaeological significance of the site. Available here for download is every Preserve Booklet to date. For more information on archaeology in Connecticut, please visit our website Digging into the Past.

While not designated as State Archaeological Preserves, there are also other crucially important archaeological sites and districts for which booklets have been released…